Our poll of 1,000 young Australians aged eight to 16 signaled that while approximately one third believed they could differentiate fake news from actual news, a third believed they couldn’t make this differentiation. Another third were unsure about their own ability. In our analysis, we categorized fake news as information that’s deliberately misleading. Age plays […]

Google’s role in bringing audiences to information outlets was under scrutiny of late. Australia’s news websites companies have confronted earnings reduction and job reductions for a while now, blaming Google and Facebook for poaching marketing earnings. But instead of share earnings with all the publishers whose content that they attribute, it seems that the tech […]

Now we publish the findings in our new study into how young Australians eat and believe about information websites. After a summer of bushfires and throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, young individuals have advised us they have information frequently. However they also say that they could find it terrifying and several do not ask questions about […]